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Tabs Pro: Extra Tabs for Product Page

Плагин WooCommerce Tabs Pro: Extra Tabs for Product Page v1.5 добавляет дополнительные вкладки описания для товаров в вашем интернет-магазине: Продукт, похожие товары, Марка и категории, Скачать, FAQ, редактор, карта, видео и фотогалерея, шорткоды, Форма запроса.

Key Features System Requirement : Woocommerce Plugin Clean Design Responsive Layout Multisite Support WPML Plugin Support 11 different Tab Types Products : It is a great idea to offer another products when a customer is visiting a product. Choose products for different use.(Such as: Wear With, Use With, …) Download : You can add files for download in this type of tab. Editor : In this type You’ll have an editor field which you can enter any content!! Some content are such as : Shortcode : You can enter any shortcode here and Exect it! This shorcode can be include Layer slider, Visual Composer shorcode or any Shortcode! Embed Video : You can Easly Display Video here. Copy Embed url and Paste Here. Embed Map : If you have a Embed map url, You can put that here and display your map in Front-end. Contact From : You can diplay contact form by put your contact form shortcode here.(Such as Contact form 7 plugin output) Brand & Category Products : If you want to display another products from same Brand or same categories you can use Woocommerce Brands and Copy output shortcode from this plugin and paste in Editor. FAQ : Include some FAQs for product(s).

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WooCommerce Product Filter

WooCommerce Product Filter

Премиум плагин WooCommerce Product Filter v5.8.2 — расширенный фильтр товаров для магазина.   WooCommerce Product ...

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