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License Manager for Woocommerce

License Manager for Woocommerce v4.5 премиум плагин который позволяет добавлять лицензионные коды в вашем магазине.

Если вы продаете продукты, требующие коды лицензий, игры, программное обеспечение, файловые архивы — вам пригодится этот плагин.


This plugin is your ultimate solution for managing license codes on your store. It provides you with the opportunity of:
adding license codes
Individually deleting license codes
Providing your buyers with a license code
tracking license code usage via admin panel
** I would recommend this plugin for stores that sell products requiring license codes like games,softwares,or anything that you might want to assign a license to after purchase 😀
Download the plugin from codecanyon.net and upload it through your plugins page
Navigate to the plugins page and activate your plugin.

STEP 1 : Upload your license numbers(.txt format) or use the input box to upload license codes individually.

After the license codes have been uploaded,the codes are displayed this way
NOTICE : When a product is purchased,a license code from the top is given to that order. The license code is then removed from the inventory then appears on the “thank you page” and on the “past orders page” just like this

All settings
Because I had in mind,you might want to keep track of the license codes 🙂 ,I added a way to view the license code that has been assigned to each particular product purchased.


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